a second pizza angel

so if you read my post from almost a week ago, you know the story of the couple/angels that came and handed my children money while we were eating pizza. that afternoon i spent a lot of time reflecting on that and was in tears. i was emotionally exhausted after i typed the blog. it was such a huge event and i didn't take it lightly. but when cal got home from work, i wanted him to be just as blown away as i was. well…he wasn't. it bothered me and i even said "why don't you believe me?" and he said he was "skeptical." so i dropped it.

fast forward to last night, we decide to get pizza from a different place, just down the street from us. the kids had been horrible all afternoon and i was already on edge. we pull in and a van has parked so crooked that its literally taking up 2 full parking spots and part of the handicap area. so we park further away. we were annoyed and as we walked past the van we said we couldn't wait to see what creature was behind the wheel of the van.

after we order food at the counter, we walk past "the creature." she was an older lady, sitting alone. so anyways…our pizza and cheese bread comes. vance is inhaling it and gets choked. like really choked. so much so that i have to sick my finger down his throat and fish the bread out. after the choking event, he was hysterical. the "creature" calls over to us and says "are they teething?" and in my head i am thinking "are you fucking kidding me!!!??? he was afraid he was dying. this has nothing to do with teething." but i kept my mouth shut because i KNEW i couldn't be nice and didn't want to let my terrible afternoon out on a stranger. cal responded and said "yeah they are…" and then she said something about how hard she remembered teething being with her kids. i honestly don't know what all she said because i was starving and not in the mood to chat with strangers. she finally quits talking and we get back to being able to catch up with each other about our days. then i see the lady coming over. again, I'm annoyed. I JUST WANT TO EAT MY DINNER AND TALK TO MY HUSBAND. 

she has money in her hand, 3 $1 bills. cal said he was thinking "you've gotta be shitting me" as she started walking toward us with the money. i was floored. she said "they may be too young to understand what money is, but if nothing else i thought it might be a good distraction." we told her thank you so much and how sweet it was. simms said to her "i gotta put it in my piggy bank!" after she walked away, cal and i just starred at each other. all i could think was "WHY JESUS WHY?! WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!" how could two strangers, come and give my kids money, while we were eating pizza, in less than a week. i couldn't help but remember that again, i had judged her. this sweet lady eating all alone. i don't know her story, but i could see sadness in her face. she didn't judge us and our SCREAMING children. she wanted to reward them. i snuck a picture of her as she left because i didn't want to forget her. when we got in the car i said to cal "do you believe me now?" and he said "yeah i guess i do."

i really dig the way Jesus has been speaking to me lately. 

xoxo- hannah