touched by an angel

so i know i've already done two blogs this week, which is more than normal..but i just had one of the craziest experiences of my life and i HAVE to write this before i forget this day. 

if you know me, you know i am obsessed with hawks. my mom and i have always felt like they are spiritual messengers. angels almost. just a reminder that God is here…present…in control. whatever you want to call it. they're my "signs" to know i am exactly where i need to be. so anyways….

my mom came over today to go to lunch with us. while we were loading the kids in the car, there was a hawk across the street from my driveway literally calling out toward us. it was crazy and on my snapchat (thismrsdavis) story today. so we start driving and we couldn't decide if we wanted to eat at wright's cafeteria or pizza palace. my mom was really pulling for wright's and i was really wanting pizza palace. we went and got cash out of the bank because you have to have cash at both places. i called our friend charlie that owns pizza palace to see if he was working, because we decided to go there if he was. he answered and told us to come on! pizza palace is AMAZE (its even been on diners, drive-ins, and dives) but its a small place. only a handful of seats. so with 5 people, we needed most of the seats. well, we go in (at 11 am!!) and its PACKED. people standing and waiting on food, with only one chair open. i stick simms in it and leave the babies in their car seats on the floor. we order our food and when it comes we stand to eat it…while the ladies beside us TAKE THEIR SWEET ASS TIME sitting around even after they were done eating.


we eventually get their seats and are all sitting down eating. i take a few bites and notice, what appeared to be a homeless couple, staggering in. the lady was pushing a walker and having a ton of trouble walking. she had short hair and a full mustache, like a man. her hands were so swollen and red, they looked like they were going to pop open. they reminded me SO MUCH of my old clients at ridgeview mental health (yes, i used to be a case manager at a mental hospital.) in my charting i would've said this couple was "disheveled and unkempt with poor hygiene." they looked to be in their late 60's-70's. rode hard and put up wet. i immediately thought "ughhhhhh here comes someone asking for money or food." i was annoyed. i didn't want to deal with that. i had just gotten a seat and wanted to eat my lunch.  but they didn't ask me for money or food.

they walked right up to the counter and ordered their own food. my mom leans over and whipsers in my ear "look at the money in his hand." i kid you not this is what it looked like:

all hundreds. probably 6" of hundred dollar bills. i've literally never seen anyone holding that much money. mom said "its hundreds. all of it!!!!" I'm in total shock. so my next thought is "he's robbed someone." this is now my second judgement. 

while they wait for their food, they notice the twins. the man chimes in and says "oh your kids are just beautiful. i just love them! look how pretty they are!" and i'm like "oh thank you. thats so sweet!" i assume he's done. but he doesn't let up. at this point he is getting closer and closer to us. the women is tagging along behind him. she starts saying the same things about how adorable and sweet they are. then their to-go food is ready. i'm thinking "yes! please get away from my children." they grab their food and come back over. he pulls out the money again. he takes 2 of the hundreds and is giving one to each twin (the twins are in our laps) and he said " i want them to have these. let me give them these because i love kids. i just love kids and i can't have anymore because i got fixed." my mom and i both said over and over that we couldn't take that money. that they needed to take care of themselves with it. the lady again tried to make us take it. we refused.

they start to leave and then come back with 2 $20 bills. this time he says "if you won't take the hundreds, please at least take these." at this point i am feeling guilty because this man so desperately wants to do something nice and i feel like i have been roadblocking him. so i say "ok i will let them take that." he hands ellis $20 and ellis eagerly takes it. then he tries to hand vance $20 but he has pizza in both hands that he will NOT let go of, so he lays it on the counter. then he says to my mom "i am 70 years old, i am not going to live much longer. i've got all i need with this lady right here. i am so lucky to have her. i've got hundreds of thousands in the bank and i can't take it with me. i just want to give it all away. i love kids and i want to give it to kids. thank you for letting me give them some." and then my mom said "that is so sweet. you sure are lucky to have each other. how did you get all that money? thats a lot of money!" and the women said that she had been hit by a car and got a settlement. i bet my jaw hit the floor. it all made sense now. the man went on to say that they had been homeless for a while, but have tons of money now after being hit by a car and that he just wants to give back now. he said he didn't need it all. as they started to leave, they repeatedly told us how much they loved us. kissed both of the babies and hugged my mom and me. they're literally walking out the door and he turns back and says "do you have a car?" i said "i sure do!" he said "could you give us a ride down the street to the hotel? we live in the hotel." i told him would've been glad to but i literally don't have a spare seat in my car because of all the carseats. he said "thats fine, we will just walk back."

i sat at the window while i finished eating and watched them struggle and walk slowly back across the street to the hotel. they walked right into their room. their "home." 

no car. no actual home. and they are demanding i take some of their riches. it makes me cry just typing it. i have never been taught more from a total stranger. i think they were angels. i do. my friend charlie, that owns pizza palace, is there just about all day everyday had never seen this couple before. they live across the street and aren't regulars?????

then… to top it all off, my mom and i see TWO hawks on the way back. we head to target and while at target another elderly couple comes over to us. the woman is BEAUTIFUL and completely opposite of the couple from pizza palace. she comes over to me and says the regular "are they twins?" and i reply "yes ma'am." she said "i had twin boys once. i had them two months early and lost both of them a few days after they were born. you are so lucky to have those beautiful boys." i don't even know what i said back to her because i was so heartbroken. that could've been my story too. easily. praising Jesus in big ways today. i am so incredibly grateful for this day but i am absolutely humbled.

xoxo- hannah