who are we?


hey friend! i'm hannah. i'm a 34 year old professional photographer. mama to irish triplet boys. i love JESUS, mac & cheese, baths, essential oils, my police scanner app, fly fishing, music, and aesthetics. i hate onions, math, the sound of people eating, and hootie & the blowfish.


i married my husband, cal, back in 2010 in Asheville, NC. we live in knoxville, TN….(go vols!)

cal is also 34 years old. he works for ackermann marketing & pr. and started (and sold) TNFLYCO. cal loves fly fishing, widespread panic, cold beer, fried chicken, writing, and not cleaning his shower. cal hates having greasy hands, the kardashians, the olive garden, and popping balloons. 

we spent a couple years and miscarriages trying to have a baby. it was brutal and hard. i found out i have two different blood disorders (pai 2 and mthfr) that play a role in pregnancy. so for 9 months i gave myself daily shots to have our first born rainbow baby in september 2013: simms abram


and while he looks like me.. he is his daddy made over. he lives to please. he loves rules, routines, and cuddles. he was the greatest gift and worth everything it took to have him. six months after having him, i unknowingly got pregnant again (surprise!) and since i was breastfeeding and hadn't had a period yet, i had no idea i was pregnant until simms was 9 months old. so at 12 weeks pregnant, i found out i was pregnant with twins and not just any twins... the second rarest twins in the world, mono/ mono twins. "momo" twins share not only the placenta, but also so the sack. they have only a 50/50 chance of survival in the womb due to cord entanglement. i originally started blogging to tell our story of the twins and that blog can be found here. with momo twins you go inpatient to the hospital to be monitored to make sure babies cords aren't too tangled. then at 32 weeks they are delivered because they are safer out than in. 


so i went inpatient the day before simms turned one and two weeks after we had to move out of our home because we were about to outgrow it. we moved in with my amazing mom and it was perfect timing as she was able to help us with simms in the day while cal was at work and helped with the twins after they came home. as usual, God knew what he was doing. ellison "ellis" abel and vance thomas were born at 32 weeks in October 2014 (just 13 months after simms was born.) they had lengthy NICU stays because they refused to finish all their bottles. it was a long 9 and 10 weeks. eating is clearly still NOT vance's favorite activity...  he weighs at 15 lbs at 16 months. ellis eats everything in sight and isn't much bigger at 17 lbs.


during their time in the NICU, we began building a custom home..because i mean life wasn't crazy enough, right?! pretty sure everyone thought i was insane. but it was amazing therapy to me. i absolutely love building, design, and everything that goes into it. 

june 4, 2015 i got a call that my brother, nathan, had several seizures and collapsed at work. i hadn't the slightest idea why my healthy as a horse brother would have a seizure. all i could think was "maybe he had low blood sugar?" very long story short..he didn't. he had a baseball size cancerous tumor. fucking brain cancer. he had a craniotomy and radiation a few weeks later and is now in the process of doing a year of chemo. he is my HERO and has completely changed my views on life now. he has an amazing blog that we started in the beginning to keep everyone up to date and it is here. oh did i mention he was mention on FORBES in december?! 

a couple weeks after nathan's surgery, we moved into the new home. i had a hard time enjoying something that was supposed to be such a happy moment because i just worried about the fate of my brother. the once significant things, seemed not significant anymore. weeks after moving in, i was at the park with all my kids and two other twin moms on a playdate when my yorkie was killed by a pitbull and a doberman. without a doubt, the worst thing i have ever witnessed. this was MY BABY of 12 years. my child. seriously like my first born. i got him when my parents separated at a very dark place in life, for several reasons, and he was my light. i still cry, 6 months later, as i sit here and type this. his birthday would've been in 10 days.

i say all this not to be sad and depressing. but to give everyone a taste of where we're coming from. it has been a ROUGH two years. but i truly have never found more joy in life than i do now. the once always negative hannah, has been replaced with a joyful hannah. i am constantly appreciating the small things i so easily overlooked. i am eternally grateful for our journey and finally at a place now where i am ready to share our lives in a blog again. what we're doing and what we're wearing. where (if anywhere, ha!) we go. essential oils, interior design, and any meals i make that aren't hamburger helper. 

peace and love, 




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