photo saturday

today cal needed a couple photos for his business (tnflyco) so we all headed to the park to take some. i figured cal could get some of us for the blog too… so two birds, one stone! it was a pretty day when we left for the park but of course when we got there it was totally overcast and SO windy. to add to the fun, the kids hadn't napped and everyone was screaming. so i ended up having to incorporate the kids to try and make everyone shut up...because i was about to start drinking out of the old beer cans thrown in the grass along the water. 

then i had an idea to put the twins in the cooler with hats on. wouldn't that be adorable!? ellis …well…heres what he thought:

thats about how the rest of the afternoon went (so many eye rolls.) i did get a couple good ones though… of my more cooperative subjects ;)

as much as this crew wears me out, i love them. i can't imagine a life without all these boys. they're truly such a blessing. i never imagined i would be a boy mom, but it's amazing. exhausting but amazing.