neighborhood barre

after i had simms i was eager to lose the baby weight and joined neighborhood barre with their amazing post baby special (3 months unlimited for $375)...well a couple weeks after i started going i found out i was pregnant with the twins and had to stop and freeze my account since it was a high risk pregnancy. i finally decided it was time to go back. i've never been someone that LOVED working out. i did gymnastics for 12 years but always tried to cheat my way through the conditioning. i just wanted to tumble not train! haha. theres certain physical things i love (walking, hiking, yoga, and fishing..does fishing count?) but overall, i am not one that looks forward to a good workout. i wish i had a little more of my brother in me. but neighborhood barre....



  • lets be honest, best clothes ever. nothing better than yoga pants, a cute sports bra, and a yoga tank. plus, you do it you can wear any shoes you want there. oh! and they sell amazing clothes there too!
  • its low impact. other workouts always end up hurting some part of my body, knees, ankles, etc you name it. 
  • go at your own pace. you can make each class as hard or as easy as you need to. i love that about it.
  • familiar faces. i'm not the most social or extroverted person alive but i have really gotten to enjoy seeing a lot of the same faces in class. its a whole new group of friends at the barre! we laugh together the whole way through.
  • free child care. yep. i get a free babysitter while i workout. SOLD.
  • not needing a shower after. this is HUGE to me. i love that i could do barre at any point in the day and then continue my day not feeling like a disgusting pig (even though I do burn a ton of calories.) yes i sweat a little but not like if i just did 30 minutes on elliptical. throw your hair in a bun and let it down when you leave!
  • its not embarrassing. having never been a dancer i was easily intimated by the thought of class, but i also have always thought ballerinas have KILLER bods. after the 2nd class you have a pretty good idea of what you're doing. no one is perfect in class and you DO NOT have to know anything about dance. there's no dancing. its closer to yoga than dance.
  • nothing lasts too long. i am extremely ADD and like i said before, i don't enjoy working out. but every move you do in barre is quickly replaced with something else. just about the time your legs are shaking (embrace the shake!!!) it'll be time to change positions. its more like sprints than a marathon.
  • the music is awesome. i mean who doesn't need a great mix to keep them going?!

neighborhood barre has 4 locations in knoxville (western plaza, northshore town center, maryville, and farragut coming soon!) but its also in birmingham, arlington, nashville, and chattanooga. if you are wanting to come try it, you can get TWO FREE CLASSES here if you choose "single class," quantity 2, with promo code TOGBOGO. come laugh with me and tone that seat! and if you come on saturday, you will see cal with me ;) i brought him for a good laugh and after seeing what a killer workout it was, he said he wanted it to be in our new saturday routine! 

happy tucking everyone!