mini shoot at home

so a couple weeks ago while cal was out of town my INSANELY talented friend, sarah bridgeman, came in town. we both started our photography business at the same time, except she's ten million times more talented than me. i would say we always text each other about photography advice on this or that, but really its probably just me asking her stuff. she's amazing. for real. and if you are ever in buffalo, ny.. call her for pics! but while we talked weekly for literally 6 years, we had never gotten to meet in person until a couple weeks ago! crazy i know. we have a lot of close mutual friends that had introduced via the internet but we hadn't ever gotten to meet! so she snapped a few impromptu photos the morning before she left at our house and they're nothing short of amazing. you can see all of her work here but heres a couple of my favorites from our shoot: