kids bathroom

i thought i'd do a reveal since its finally finished! i'm literally the biggest procrastinator about putting art on the walls…. because I'm totally ocd about hanging things and them not looking looking perfect and also being exactly where they need to be on the wall. holes in walls make me go insane. i have looked and looked for art i want in the house and every time i find something i love i think to myself "i could do that." the truth is, i have no business doing art. because of my perfectionist tendencies, i always hate everything i do and see all the flaws in it. it ends up being  a waste of time, paper, and paint.  but i tried a little piece for the kids bathroom… and i ended up not completely hating it. SO its up. maybe it'll push me to do some more so that our walls won't look so bare. 

details: hickory vanity from Dixie Kitchen // lights from kotulas // all tile from Home Choice // whitehall cambria quartz counter tops from Smokey Mountain Tops // shower curtain from West Elm , similar here // towel and toilet paper bars from CB2 // bath mat from Urban Outfitters // delta chrome faucets // sink and tub from Kohler