details: phillip lim 3.1 sunnies from my ditto subscription // free people ruffle blouse (on sale!) // urban outfitters western belt //  frame denim rip jeans // metallic chelsea boots // gucci bag // bomber jacket

the other night cal said "why are you always shopping online!?" and while i am guilty of online shopping (ESPECIALLY since i found out about ebates and literally getting free money back from shopping online... here's a free $10 if you want to try it too. and no, its not a scam...i've made over $200 back in the past two months)... i am NOT always shopping online. i told cal i was studying and he laughed. but its the truth. i am constantly looking at whats just coming out, what the new trends are, what i could sell my old stuff for on tradesy (if you don't know about tradesy yet, OH MY GOSH... heres a free $20 off your first purchase of $50 or more) etc etc... 

i LOVE studying any and everything fashion. i've gone through plenty of phases in life but my love for clothes is a constant. so hopefully, i am doing all the guess work for you guys and making it easier and quicker for you guys to stay up to date :) SO! the victorian vibe has been creeping its way back in. while its not my favorite, i am a slave to fashion. i paired it with some distressed jeans and funky boots to make it more interesting. 

heres a few more similar looks: