hallie's bachelorette

this weekend we headed to the breakers at palm beach for my best friend, hallie's, bachelorette party! it was just as over the top and beautiful as i expected it to be. i felt like i was staying in gatsby's house or the biltmore. while i certainly don't feel like i deserve to be in a hotel where 6 presidents have stayed and where saudi princesses throw birthday bashes with Usher playing, it was my first girl's trip since kids annnnnnd the first time the kid's were with cal for more than one night. (thank you babe, i love you, xoxoxo) i'm so grateful to be here and it's not quite so bad when you split the room with a bunch of girls! 

where we ate: renato's, rococo's tacos, avocado grill, the bee, and table 26. we had such great food and drinks everywhere we went. HUGE thank you to kate and kyle for sending us the wine, literally MADE our night!!!!!

what we did: WHATEVER WE WANTEEDDDDD…. so much freedom being kid free! haha! we hung by the pool, walked the beaches, i did my first workout in TWO YEARS which also happened to be my first pilates class, we shopped on worth avenue, we looked for shark's teeth, found turtle eggs, we pretended we were with the harrell's convention, tried everything under the sun to get hallie to drink, we had our own personal real life carlos (think the hangover!), we did hallway olympics (sprints, cartwheels, crab walks, etc) we listened in on a female escort and her weekend companion (the MOST entertainment of the whole weekend btw!), we met Brooke Shields and she was shopping the Saks SALE RACKS YALL (stars…they're just like us!!!!!!!!)

what we wore:

shop our looks here: 

we had so much fun celebrating this bride to be! she's of my oldest and bestest friends. she wouldn't let us put her in the center of attention much but with her something about mary tan she still managed to get all the attention…...

we love you hal! thanks for getting us all out of knoxville and making us all feel pale! xoxo-hannah